Michigan Waterfalls - silvrwhls

This shot is from a return visit to Tannery Falls in Munising early one morning just after the sun came up. The reason it was a return visit is because I attempted to shoot this on a Sunday morning and there were just too many photographers for me to be able concentrate enough to get a decent shot.... (30 of them!). So I came back on a Monday morning and there were no photographers at all in that small canyon (thank God). I had this shot all planned out from the previous visit and was really excited to photograph it because I knew the morning sun would come blasting through the autumn colored trees.
It was a tough exposure to pull off because the sky and trees were so bright, it would be hard to get any detail in the canyon walls. I bracketed my exposures and I used a couple Graduated Neutral Density to correct for the way film (or a digital sensor) records the contrasting light, and it came out alright.

Tannery and Upper Tannery Falls is off H-58 in Munising. Where H-58 and Sand Point Rd meet, there is a small trail and a set of steps that leads uphill and to the falls. Tip: Dont park on H-58, the police dont like it lol, You can park on Sand Point Rd near the corner and walk across H-58 from there and on up to the falls.

You can't tell from this shot or any of my others because of my compositions and lens choices but, Tannery falls is approximately a 40ft drop.

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