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A 2.5 minute exposure 45 minutes after the sun dropped below Lake Superior on Miners Beach at the end of Co Rd H-13 north-northeast of Munising MI.
When i showed up to photograph the small unnamed waterfall that drops off the sandstone at the east end of the beach, there were 30 photographers (no kidding) all set up with their tripods to photograph the waterfall and then the sunset once the light got too low for the waterfall. I had photographed the falls at the end of the beach a few times before so i already had a couple decent shots and didn't worry much about getting another (especially since i would have practically the same shot as the other 30 photographers). So i wandered around the corner east of the waterfall and set up for a few different shots (that nobody else would get lol). Over time as the sun went down i would peek around the corner to see how many photographers were still there photographing. Almost every one of the 30 were still there. After the sun set below the horizon, i peeked around the corner again and found that every one of the photographers had packed up and left. I smiled and thought to myself "too bad for them.... that's their loss". As they packed their gear into their cars and drove off down that dusty dirt road, I stood alone recording on film, the best light of the night.
I've found time and time again that the best light happenes within 20 to 45 minutes after the sun actually sets below the horizon line. The light gets soft and low which enables long exposures that lets some of the most amazing light paint itself across my cameras film and create some really moody feeling photographs like this one.
Off in the distance is Grand Island and the last remaining light of the evening. Below the island is a water reflection of the remaining light from the sky, when over a course of 2.5 minutes, (with the help of the waves) the light painted itself on the water like a painter would brush on a canvas.

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