Coastlines, Lakes, Plains and Forests - silvrwhls

This is one of my personal favorites. I was heading north on MI-123 to photograph Tahquamenon Falls on an early fall morning. I was roughly 10-15 min's north of Newberry when i passed this small lake/pond. I immediately locked them up, spun it around and headed back to take the shot. I was not at all expecting to be taking a shot before i arrived at the falls but when a good opportunity presents itself, you have to take it. It was an unbelievable sunrise with a richly colored light transition from orange/yellow to blue and with the treeline, reflections, a slight haze on the water, and grasses in the foreground. I considered myself lucky to have been traveling through that very spot at that very time. Taken around 30 minutes before the sun rose over the horizon.

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