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During the spring, summer and autumn of 1999-2006, my wife and I worked a seasonal job for the U.S. Forest Service in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex of the Flathead National Forest in northwest Montana just south of Glacier National Park. We did everything from clear hiking trails of trees that have fallen during the winter, pack supplies on horses and mules to back country work crews and ranger stations, fight forest fires and performed some wilderness rangering. This is a photo of Bartlett Mountain, Marshall and Tango (a couple of our horses) at the Big Prairie Ranger Station roughly 36 miles from the nearest dirt road and another 60 miles from the nearest full service town. This was our "home base" when the 10 day work week was up. We would return here for our 4 day weekend to recoup and do what ever we feel. We would bag a peak or 2, relax on the amazing Flathead River, play a game of baseball on the old grass air strip or just hang around and read a book on the porch of our bunkhouse or ranger station.

Every evening around sunset in the early to mid summer, a storm would come through and leave the most amazing light displays. This was taken just after one of those storms. Unfortunately due to the limited amount of gear i could bring and just the exhaustion from the brutal work week, i didnt get nearly as many pictures as i would have liked to.

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